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YouTube does not like TAB

January 14th, 2008

No one can question the greatness or the popularity of YouTube, however today, where usability has become a mandatory, and where small details are what makes the big names special, I wonder how come YouTube has not yet overcome their TAB button problem.

I keep falling in the same mistake when I search on YouTube, typing my search string and then hitting TAB on the keyboard followed by a quick enter, resulting in nothing happening…just the homepage reloading again and me having to type my search string again.

For some weird reason, when you click TAB, the cursor jumps from the search box to the YouTube logo instead of the search button, so when you click enter you simply reload the homepage (just like clicking on the logo).

Youtube Search Screenshot

Ever since Google acquired YouTube, lots of amazing stuff were added, like the fancy AJAX video boxes, switching to full screen mode without reloading the video, toggling the view of the page when viewing related videos or other videos from the same user….but no one of the folks there noticed the TAB button problem?

I hope someone from there visit Mazenville and find out about it in case they still have not..

It is worth mentioning though that all other the Google sites utilize the tab button wonderfully, not to mention MSN and Yahoo! and AOL as well.

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6 Comments to “YouTube does not like TAB”

  1. sunil Says:

    mazen bhai,
    U become a QA.

  2. Governor Says:

    Suni Bhai

    Hahah I know, work takes over your life you know :)


  3. Joe Says:

    You’re right. I never actually tried that tab issue but I check the source and they have the tabindex set wrong on the text box. Try a Shift-Tab to go backwards and see where you end up. It’s worse haha.

    Btw, about flash going to fullscreen in one click, that’s Flash 9, not Google :D

  4. Sajid Says:

    Ok i am the n00b here… But wont the search string + Enter work just as well.. it works on mine… Methinks thats a step ahead in usability.. wat say?

  5. Governor Says:

    Well well…

    @ Joe: even worse indeed.

    @ Sajid: dude, me say bullshit, both should work, the enter, and the tab enter, it is a very simple fix these guys need to do ;)


  6. Governor Says:

    Well it is with great pleasure I announce that the problem has been fixed :)

    Is it just a coinsdience? or did the folks at Youtube read about it on Mazenville? ;)

    I guess we will never know *sigh*


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