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Who Pushes Mobile Forward?

April 17th, 2011

I am amazed by the number of conferences, studies, white-papers and researches done on mobile usage and the importance of making your digital presence mobile phone friendly.

While I do not argue with that, I question why everybody tries to drive the web ahead and puts the pressure on web developers to make their websites compatible with mobile devices, while nobody is really pushing mobile manufacturers forward to make it more web compatible out of the box.

It is not like the industry giants haven’t been acting on it already; new mobile phones and OS’s support web technologies and websites way better than they used to last year. However I think soon many people who spent a fortune building mobile sites and specialized apps will find themselves staring at a pile of digital platforms that they won’t be needing anymore.

This is not a rant against mobile, I myself use mobile phones and other mobile devices to access the web intensively. However I am usually happier to see those devices work better with what exists out there already, and not expect everybody to build sites and apps that work only for these devices. (TV’s, PDA’s, Phones, etc.).

Suppository HTML5 is the way. One site, multi platform compatibility. Be it mobile devices, PDA’s, tablets, TV’s, Media Streamers, and what have you. I hear that from web developers though, and not from manufacturers. I am sure the technology will be “ready” to be used on all devices. How much of it will actually happen? Not sure.

Come on folks, lets put some pressure on mobile manufactures.

It is only fair to argue. Am I on the wrong?

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2 Comments to “Who Pushes Mobile Forward?”

  1. Mazen Abou Hatab Says:

    "Who Pushes Mobile Forward?" Read about it here: http://bit.ly/fEDmUW

  2. Buy an ipad Says:

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