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Sukar.com Launches in Dubai

April 27th, 2010

I was invited to the launch of Sukar.com, the first private online shopping club in the Middle East.

The event was very nice, the presentation was short and sweet, civilized and straight forward – acknowledging that people were there for the free drinks and finger food, not the actual launch – which is correct and smart to certain extent :)

The website is on invitation basis only, you cannot register, you will need to either have an invitation code, or a digital invitation from a registered member.

The website acts like a virtual outlet for top fashion brands. It does not exactly have a product catalogue which you browse and buy from, instead what it does is it shows you sales events which have start and end dates, in each event you will find a mini catalgoue with the items available for sale which you can buy at huge discount of course.

According to the presentation, the guys have some 4500 45000 registered users already which is really asesome, and they have launched mainly in GCC, Levant, and Egypt. They will expand their launch activities to cover the whole MENA region in some time.

Sukar.com is bilingual naturally. The website has some nice features such as a request call button (yes you click and the sukar.com team call you back), they feature online chat and customer service 24/7 which is a huge plus, especially for this region where ecommerce is still picking up and not where it needs to be. Big portion of people find it difficult to trust a website or use their credit card online.

Personally I think the website will be successful  if they continue to partner with the right brands and stay on top of their customer service, the current three sale events which are available now are Escada, D&G, and Diesel (watches). All awesome really.

It is the right time to enter the market since no other similar websites exist in the Middle East, while in Europe these types of virtual, exclusive outlet stores are dominating the ecommerce scene. The website is backed up by Jabbar Internet Group, the region’s pioneers in online initiatives (the group behind Maktoob, the portal which was acquired by Yahoo! earlier ).

Finally, the Sukar.com folk are nice enough to have authorized me to use a personalized invitation link (since I am a member) on my blog, so if you want to register to this exclusive shop (as good as an invitation code) click here.

Kudos Sukar.com team and keep it up, you are doing everything right and success will be your partner.

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26 Comments to “Sukar.com Launches in Dubai”

  1. Mazen Abou Hatab Says:

    Enter @SUKARcom , the first exclusive online fashion shop in the Middle East. read here: http://tinyurl.com/36zw6n8

  2. Hi Says:


    the number is 45000, not 4500 ;-)

    Great article!

  3. Aswathy Says:

    Hey Mazen,

    Thanks for the link, have been hearing about it and tried registering today :)


  4. maktoob saudi Says:

    Thanks for you very much

  5. Fatima Says:


  6. how to do it easy Says:



    we have bought watches but yet not delivered pls check and reply.
    thanks and regards

  8. Tatiana Says:

    Me too I bought something in october, still did not receive it..
    what is this?

  9. Tatiana Says:

    I also bought something ages ago (3 months!) and nothing..
    already considering charity money!

  10. Kavita Says:

    Awful awful service with Sukar. I agree with the comments above……absolutely no delivery, no feedback, nothing!! it is so frustrating trying to get your own money back……i’m thinking of treating it as a bad debt too!

    i wonder if it is a scam……there must be many out there who like me have almost given up! i have spent almost AED 1000 on it.

    i wouldnt advise anyone to buy anything from Sukar……ever!!!

  11. janeesh Says:

    I too had this bad experience……I just purchased a product which they claim to have discounted more than half the price….!!! While after receiving the product when i checked in the local outlet …. The price is lessser than what sukar claims as the discounted price..!!!

    I ended up paying more for the product and ended up paying for the shipping tooo….This is a totally unreliable website and they intend to just rob of your money…Please do not purchase anything from sukar!!

  12. Mostafa Yasser Says:

    this is the worst online shopping store ever !!!

    I registered and bought an HTC desire HD, everything went smooth at the beginning, the customer service were really helpful (they fool u into paying ur money).
    until u pay the money, then u r their b**** they ask u for extra stuff and paperwork, then the biggest hit of all comes.

    when they deliver the package, they pay no money for aramex-egypt, they only pay around EGP 80 for aramex dubai and skip the aramex egypt fee which is around EGP 400 + the customs which they did not mention I have to pay which is around EGP 300 as well. and of course u can’t refund ur money

    i then discovered one more thing, they dont actually sell u the product, they buy a shipment from the USA, send it to dubai then forward it to you

    it turns out to be a big FRAUD

  13. Sara Says:

    I had a couple of friends who ordered from Egypt before, the stuff might take some time to get there and they were also confused about the customs issue, so they asked around.

    But it also so states on the website about these fees? Did you not see it?
    “Please note that for shipping to Egypt additional customs fees & import taxes may apply.
    Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient and paid to the courier. Sukar has no control over these additional charges and cannot predict what they may be.
    Please make sure you are aware of the applicable fees prior to proceeding with the purchase.”

    By the way have you tried getting in touch with them after all this happened?

  14. Satish Says:

    Thanks for article and all feedback.i was looking for users feedback about sukar in UAE. Now i think i should not invest any money in buying any product from sukar. Helpful thread

  15. Wael Says:

    I too had a very bad experience with Sukar shopping. It takes them 6 weeks to ship things. I did not see this mentioned anywhere when i was ordering or maybe overlooked it since it is so unexpected. The Sukar experience is against all what the online experience is supposed to be. I do not get the feeling that the discounts are real. The goods feel like old inventory stocks. the presentation is extremely bad, same model showing off all of the cloths. You get the feeling that the website promotors are either cheap or unexperienced. They are trying to minimize on investment cost by not keeping any stock of the goods, hence shipping takes 6 weeks (the goods are with being made or the deal is not finalized, I feel).

  16. Mariam Says:

    Awful service!! i agree with the above comments . . . . .

  17. Michel Nahas Says:

    This is the worst online shopping web site ever, I bought an htc xl, it took 10 days to be delivered instead of the promised 3 days, and then I received a mobile that is completely defective, their customer service email never answers and when you post on their Facebook page their reply you with nothing but lies. Those people are big cheaters.

  18. Hend Sh Says:

    Wow!!! nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who gave up on Sukar, I have bought disgraceful things for a 100 times its price, there ISN’T such a thing as genuine Roberto Cavali glasses for 300 Dhs which look plastic and break immediately! and a dress for 300 Dhs which I saw online later from China ONLY for 25 Dhs!!!

    I still gave it a chance but many things later did arrive extreeemly late and of terrible quality! tp top the cherry on the cake when the COD option dissappeared, I’m betting they lost like ALL their clients…and that was the last time I ever remembered them again,,
    its a real shame, so much good work to waste, complete fraud and over pricing!!

  19. Debbie Perez Says:

    Hi all:

    I suppose that you will say that I have personal interest in the site but I do not at all ! I have ordered from sukar 3 times and the orders have gone beautifully. One bag from miss sixty, oakley sunglasses, A dress and more to come. I have ordered these things with cash on delivery. And I have to say that they have done things smoothly. I do not know about your bad experiences, but in my opinion Sukar.com rocks!!!! Just putting it out there !!!


  20. Usman Says:

    Enter your mes

    Usman Naveed

    Dear Team,
    This is referring to order number Order number 379357.
    I am 100 percent sure the item which i recieved is not authentic, why? Because i have an original aviator from before which is the same size and model aviator 3025 large metal 58mm x 14.

    When i compared the two there are many differences, and i can provide you detailed pics as proof. The most noticeable difference is the size and shape of the lens. The other differences include the RB logo etching on the left lens, the nosepads with the RB logo difference, the information and presentation on both the temple bars, the plastic ear rests etc etc.

    I must admit this is a very good copy, but it is not genuine as confirmed by my friends also who own genuine Ray ban aviators.

    I called your customer service and the person had a strange request of getting a letter signed by some dealer stating that the item provided is fake? What kind of customer service is this?

    I want some action to be taken, otherwise i am sending the detailed pics comparing the fake ray bans which you sent me with the original one to all the local leading newspapers as well as posting a video on Youtube comparing the two.

    I will be awaiting your response to this matter,
    Kind Regards.

    .sage here…

  21. los Says:

    Had a bad experience with sukar.com!!!!! It’s a big fraud!!!!!? I ordered an item and have not delivered yet for almost a month.. . . JUST Be careful with this kind of online shopping!!!!

  22. احاسيس Says:

    موقع تسوق مشهور جدا

  23. احاسيس Says:

    موقع تسوق كبير ومشهور

  24. حور Says:

    موقع تسوق ومتجر كبير

  25. Gerard Z. Perkins Says:

    Shopping at Sukar.com could not be safer. We have invested in online security management to ensure that your identity and personal information is safeguarded throughout every shopping experience you have with us. When you visit http://www.sukar.com, you will notice a green section in the URL bar, which displays the name of Sukar. This indicates that an encrypted tunnel has been successfully established between your computer and our website, preventing third parties from interfering with the data that is exchanged. If you click on that green section, you will find certification and ownership information about Sukar.com. Comodo, a trusted provider of EV-SSL certification, has verified that Sukar.com is indeed an existing business and you have a guarantee of unbeatable protection and confidentiality in an online environment.

  26. HH Says:

    I have ordered 3 bags worth $150 together, it’s been 10 days and they still haven’t even been SHIPPED!!! I contacted Sukar.com many times, no response whatsoever, and they continue to post “competitions” on facebook!! Apparently have no time to attend to ORDERS that have been PAID for!! TOTAL RIP OFF. BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. AND AVOID THIS WEBSITE. So many people are complaining with similar stories.

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