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Either you are a web person or not, you won’t be able to find a shelter to keep you away from hearing about Web 2.0; arguments about what it is exactly, if it’s a bubble or not, and etc..

Anyway, it is mid 2007 now, and the definition of “Web 2.0″ is much more shaped, and close to be final.

I read a lot and heard a lot, however, it seems like politics, you will have to conclude your own conclusion or definition to explain and live with, yet it is still much easier ;)

To establish a base, Web 2.0 is not a software or a website or a registered mark, it is actually a philosophy which is combined into some sets of technologies, and practises.

The philosphy shapes how you work and interact with information, and it is aided by certain technologies (Ajax, JS, XML, RSS) allowing smoother layout and interaction, and design concepts that enhances usability.

it is basically about sharing, and owner-free content, hence, dividing information into usbale and re usable blocks accross people and sites so they become independandt of the person who authored / created them. It is above the level of a certain device, meaning it is accessible through Computers, PDAs, Smart Phones, and basically all types of devices than can connect to the web.

No plagiarism involved, the point is not to steal someone else’s work and label it with our names or claim ownership, the point is “Open Source” content, and connected data and information, hence giving information its own entity to roam freely accross the web, not the author’s.

This is currently evolving into “software-like” web applications as well.

How do you know if you are part of Web 2.0 revolution?

You are definitely, if you:

  • Watch / Upload videos on YouTube (Video Blogging).
  • Have a personal blog (Blogging).
  • Have image database or view others on Flickr (Photo sharing).
  • Dig your information out from Wikipedia (Wiki Info Sharing).
  • Communicate with your friends and have an account on Facebook (Community Portal).
  • Download your files through BitTorrents .
  • Set up and RSS to gatehr all the information you want updated daily.
  • Invest most your thoughts and money on Search Engine optimization .

You are not definitely, if you:

  • Purchase all your video material on DVDs, CDs, and VHS, and store all your personal movies on those.
  • Have a personal Website
  • Store all your images and photos in the big photo book on the top of the closet
  • Use Encarta / Groiler’s / Brittanica
  • Only communicate with your friends when you guys get together on MSN or Yahoo
  • Download your files using P2P file blocks (akamai).
  • Add all these news pages to your favorites / Bookmark.
  • Invest most your thoughts and money on buying a cool domain name.

So where are you today? :)

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