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If your visual memory is strong, or if you rely on it more than your textual memory – Like I Do – then you will like this one.

Pagebull is another search engine, yet it gives you the results visually, showing screenshots of the results instead of links and text, and giving you an option to customize how many columns and rows of screenshots it should show per result page.

The site does not use its own engine, is uses results from the major ones and mainly Google and Yahoo! However when I tried, it seemed to me that the results are different than both.

keep in mind that it is still in Beta, and that it needs a good connection since the results are all dynamically displayed in images, so if you are on a slow connection, it will be painful.

I like to use it because sometimes you might remember how a site looks like, but its address is lost somewhere in the big black hole in your head, so instead of googling it and right click -> open in new window each result, this one will automatically list the screenshots and you can spot it immediately ;)

Still though, do not get me wrong, I believe at best it would complement Google, but never replace it.

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    [...] homepage. The page shows you thumbnails of the pages you most visited (reminds me a lot of Pagebull), plus bookmarks on the lower right, and above them search bar to look up stuff within your [...]

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