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Mazenville is Back!

November 25th, 2007

Hello my Dear Audience,

I am happy to announce that Mazenville is restored…almost from scratch, after suffering an unfortunate hosting issue of a provider that ran out of business without any prior notice, and disappeared with no return, taking my old blog away with it.

I will try and gather as many posts as possible from my old blog – which fortunately been published on other places as well, however more than 80% of the content is gone for good.

I would like to make a note as well, I have actually tried restoring my blog yesterday, and since I was so frustrated, and went through many second thoughts before undertaking this initiative, I thought I should host with a reliable, ever lasting parter, and I chose Yahoo! for that matter them being listed as a wordpress partner.

To my shock, no mod_rewrite support, and no .htaccess privilege, meaning kiss your pretty links goodbye. and to add the icining to the cake, FTP access limited to user folder and not to root folder.

So again I thought it was a sign, and this blog is not destined to see the light…

Then my mate imthi, generously offered me this unlimited hosting package, free of charge, just to encourage me to keep Mazenville alive, and make it the destination it used to be at some point.

And here we are!

Thank you Imthi, this is the 3rd time I set up this blog in 48 hours :)


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4 Comments to “Mazenville is Back!”

  1. Paz Says:

    It’s alive!!!

    > backup
    > backup
    > backup

  2. Governor Says:

    SIr yes Sir!

    You bet mate…

  3. Imthiaz Says:

    Welcome back saab ;-)

  4. Governor Says:

    Shukriya Saab!

    You know it, without your support / encouragement, it would not have been possible :)


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