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As you might have noticed, I have been back to Mazenville only recently. It’s been idle for sometime which meant outdated plugins, outdated wordpress (thanks to the folks releasing a new version every other week), and outdated content for that matter :)

So since I was finally back, I decided to backup, upgrade, and update everything tonight.

I started with backing up my files and database, then updating my plugins with the most recent versions (Google Sitemaps, Akismet, Similar Posts, Wordpress.com stats), and ultimately upgrading my wordpress to the latest version: WP 2.5.1.

I did not actually read through the new release features, I was more focused about getting rid of the “New version available, please upgrade your Wordpress” message blinding me on admin view.

Now that my upgrade is complete, I am seriosuly impressed and happy! The guys have done some serious revisions this time, making the best publishing platform even better!

First, the whole admin layout has changed, It has a new color theme and differently (better) sorted menus; it definitely looks like a more established “CMS” and a much more modern platform.

The Dashboard is easier on the eye and is widget based. You can customize it as you might have guessed.

The Write page layout has much improved with more interactive elements, like auto slug generation and option to edit it on the fly, a preview option provided now to see the post before you actually save or publish it, Tags have autocomplete feature allowing you to add them to a list and remove directly from it later on. And the best enhancemnet is: A MEDIA MANAGER! Finally :D

It is a very basic one, but a Media Manager nonetheless, a great start for sure. Enhancements to it can be adding meta options to the media items, such as tags and player skin chooser (not only images you can insert, but also audio files and video files). Also a straightforward document manager to upload documents directly.

In Manage content view, you can filter by category or date, and you can see number of comments posted and how many are pending approval for each post.

There is also a Tags manager now which lists the tags and the count of using each. You can edit the tag and its slug as well, and directly add a tag without assigning it to any post.

Comments moderation is fast, and it automatically shows an avatar based on email address from Gravatar. Nice! It finally tells you for which post each comment is.

It is really awesome this new Wordpress, I am totally loving it.

Nice work Guys.

If you have not upgraded yet, go ahead immediately. Trust me, this time you are up for a real treat.


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2 Comments to “Mazenville Infrastructure Upgraded Again”

  1. sam Says:

    Hi bro,
    i guess this is time to upgrade your site as well, content against black background its not good :)

  2. Governor Says:

    Haha very true my friend. Was considering a bit ago, but too attached to this layout to change it now.

    Later for sure ;)


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