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For the past month, I have been trying to figure out which VGA I should obtain for my PC. I have been a bit outdated and left out of this market, yet I am still proud of my (considered old) machine.

Everyone told me to hit the online forums and read the reviews, which I was skeptic about because I knew the answer I would get would be the latest top of the line VGA available.

I posted my machine specs on multiple reputable forums but all in vain, and I am into name & shame so enough said about that.

My PC has lots of discontinued technologies and slowly becoming obselete:

  • Intel Pentium IV 3.2 prescott
  • Intel 915GAV motherboard
  • 2 GB DDR Ram PC400
  • 120 GB SATA1 Harddisks (3 of them)
  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS Sound Blaster
  • nVidia 6200 TurboCaching 128MB
  • Windows XP Professional SP2

I am trying to upgrade it to the maximum possible now before it becomes obsolete. I do not need more RAM, I am planning to get a 4th Harddisk (thanks to torrents), and since I am a big time games head I need the best choice I can get for VGA – which still has to be relevant to my PC specs.

I can get the latest top of the line, and it would work, but definitely not at full potential since the technology I have won’t utilize the card to its maximum, so why pay silly amounts for specs I won’t use?

No one seemed to get this point, everyone was pushing me for the nVidia 8800 GTX being one of the best cards in history.

Then I stumbled upon Legion Hardware, and the first few lines of a kick ass article CPU Scaling with Geforce 8800 GTX  just proved my point, Steve Walton (Site Owner and Author) directly cut through the cheese and proved what I was trying to explain to people at a heartbeat, and he even had a term for it: Overkill. Seriously it was such a huge relief, like a dream come true.

People overkill their machines with VGA cards that won’t work at full potential on the machine specs they have.

So I emailed him, and exactly 5 minutes later I received a response from him asking me to post on the forum, and so I did, and 10 minutes later he gave me his full view of the subject and named the card that would work best for me (which is 8800 GT if you were interested).

It would literally cost me less than half the price of the GTX, and yet give the exact same performance on my machine.

That is what I will be going for, I just need to get a new power supply and a bigger case (the card is a monster in size as well, not only performance).

Will share my experience once I upgrade.

Cheers to Steve for the dedication, professionalism, and great service.

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