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Insights for Web 3.0

June 25th, 2007

So after my attempt to simplify what Web 2.0 is, I will take a shot and try to visualize what Web 3.0 should bring us.

I see it as a whole new era and I assume that it is not happening any time soon, since we are still exploring all the potentials of the Web 2.0 life.

Through Web 3.0, I believe content personalization will be the norm, everything will be superbly visually driven, text will be minimalistic, and the most important fact is: it will totally utlitize the interactive aspect of the internet as a communication channel. It is the main reason why internet is becoming the dominant medium, and why people’s expectations for the same product / vendor through the web are always much higher than through other communication lines (ATL / BTL).

web 3.0 will require Internet to be almost free or extremely affordable around the world. (like TV, Radio, Phone..etc).

Our lives will not involve as many appliances as it does now, hence PC, laptop, MP3 player, DVD player, TV, Stereo, Radio…nope! We will be using one device (which will come in mobile and stationed editions) and it will deliver all these to us collectively, through internet, and again, in a very interactive, personalizable manner.

Physical existence to do the usual errands will be even much more minimized, since I see that we will have a parallel virtual mirror of our life through the web, just like Second Life, however in a more functional way.

Hence myself and my apartment will exist there, the street and the supermarket at the corner will be there too, so if don’t feel like going myself, i will just log in to my virtual world through that device I mentioned above, i will walk to the supermarket, purchase my goods, and and ask the dude there to send them to my place…then the next thing you know is DING DONG and a delivery guy with the goods I purchased at my door, not free ofcourse, the money will be automatically credited from my bank account!

Very futuristic notion, very optimistic as well, however this is where things seem to be heading after the Web 2.0 revolution with the all the information sharing, content personlization, and us (the people) being voted as Time’s person of the year for 2007!

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  1. ricardo Says:

    very futuristic? lol. You could that right now.

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