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2007 highlights were definitely:

Social Networking, Social Networking, Social Networking, and Internet Video!

What should we expect in 2008?

I see the answer very simple: More of both :)

Facebook, MySpace, and Orkut dominated their world, and yet, marketers were not able to utilize that at full. Big corporates were puzzled on how to deal with this phenomena, especially it being constantly changing, not allowing marketers enough time to adapt to them.

That is why I expect social networking to continue its glory, and shine even more this year, simply because marketers would have had more time to figure out best ways to make use of this phenomena – commercially ofcourse.

Secondly comes Internet Video; and when I say internet video, I am not only talking about YouTube, who been almost unrivaled in their domain – personal published videos – but also Internet TV, Internet Movies, and internet videos accross all websites.

Actually, traditional online advertising, like pop ups, banners, and mass emails are replacing what we call today traditional media, hence TV and Newspapers. They are becoming traditional forms of advertising, while social networking and video are becoming the new trend, especially the latter spreading into video emails, video banners, and video websites.

I believe the growth of broadband is aiding that a lot as well.

All the arrows pointing to the same direction:

  1. Advertising focus is turning on these this year since it could not catch up last year.
  2. Digital advertising spend will increase in general like it does every year
  3. Broadband penetration will continue to rise.

–> Definitely, social media and video media will dominate our lives in 2008.

Hopefully this region will be “more open” to social networking, and more giving in broadband provision.

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