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Google Vs (Yahoo + MSN)?

May 16th, 2007

So Google has been dominant, Yahoo has been fairly ok, MSN…well….you know

It seems that everybody has been struggling to keep up with Google, the objective has become “Keep your current audience”, not even compete with Google, so what happens when Google controls 66% World Wide Search Share against 20% Yahoo! and a mere 8% MSN / Live search?

Most people (including falks at MSFT) believe that this would logically result in a merger between MSN and Yahoo!, or even MSN buying Yahoo! for that matter.

Despite the gap in search results share, Yahoo! are doing good with a 30% percentage of increase compared to their rates last year, while Google with only 24%, so race wise, Yahoo! are doing their job, unlike MSN who’s percentege of increase is -10% compared to their last year performance.

Yahoo! is online, while MSN (Microsoft) cannot take a step without looking back at PC, so how successful would a merger be?

Yahoo! owners are very proud of their brand, and very rich as well, so luring them with cash is not an easy task, unless they remain as independant as they are (like XBOX is to Microsoft). Yet again, if I owned Yahoo, I would prefer to see MSN drift into oblivion while my brand keeps kicking ass.

Assuming a merger is in progress as the rumors say, it would still be 66% Google against 28% MSN/Yahoo! world wide.

And taking a look at US market, it would still be Google 50.8% against 32% MSN/Yahoo! of US search share.

Hence, I would still invest my dollars on Google :)

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