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Flip Media has been offering an introductory class about Internet Marketing for free for all them interested companies in the UAE.

It’s almost a half day seminar which covers:

  • Overview: The regional Internet audience
  • SEO: Hot to make it on top of Google Searches
  • CMS: How to manage a website
  • Digital Marketing: What channels are available for me?
  • Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter
  • Social Media Marketing in the Middle East

The instructor is none other but Yousef Tuqan Tuqan, our glorious CEO and internet black belt guru in the Middle East.

Apparently after all the anticipation of 2009 being the year of the Digital Glory, we are almost halfway through and the spend is not as much as it should be. Maybe it is not the marketers’ fault after all, they need to know what’s out there, how cheap it is, and how to utilize it specifically for their needs. That’s why someone in Flip thought…let there be no excuses, we will spread the knowledge for free.

Who should call for the seminar? Marketing professionals who:

  • Have no or introductory web experience
  • Are trying to sell digital to their bosses and need support
  • Trying to say something to the IT department with no luck
  • Have lots of money and would like to spend it wisely

Right? Not exactly…

I think every company that is serious about taking a step forward and catching up with the rest of the world should request this free seminar. Take advantage of it while it lasts really. Reminder: Free for UAE only.


Just contact Flip Media, speak to Yousef Tuqan Tuqan and schedule your spot. That’s all! You prepare the popcorn and the YTT will bring the fun to your office.

Kudos once again for Flip!

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  1. Kotan Says:

    MAZENVILLE » Free Internet Marketing Seminar Anyone? http://bit.ly/10CU4h

  2. Daily News About Media : A few links about Media - Saturday, 16 May 2009 15:47 Says:

    [...] Free Internet Marketing Seminar Anyone? [...]

  3. Adrianne Says:

    MAZENVILLE » Free Internet Marketing Seminar Anyone? http://tinyurl.com/ohdbgn

  4. adrianne Says:

    MAZENVILLE » Free Internet Marketing Seminar Anyone? http://tinyurl.com/ohdbgn

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