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You might not recognize the names immediately, but if you are a gamer, trust me they are embedded deep within your subconscious.

If you’ve played Call of Duty, Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding games, and guitar hero, then you should know that Activision is behind them all, while Blizzard, the gaming studio arm of Vivendi Entertainment, is the mighty developer of War Craft!

EA on the other hand is like the Microsoft of games, they have a best seller in each gaming category, and are the largest independent game developer, ruling alone an empire of games with no rival of same size or structure – until this merger showed up.

Vivendi has acquired Activision, allowing a new gaming monster to rise and stand in the face of EA, and funny enough the owner of this new empire is not a dedicated gaming house, but a Media Company.

The beauty of the new alliance is that while Activision is mainly focused on console games, Blizzard is taking the online gaming route and been very successful in it, with 9 million players worldwide for World of Warcraft alone, promoting interactive entertainment and “massively multiplayer” games over the internet.

The new entity is to be named: Activision Blizzard – very creative :)

If you think this is all silly, you should know that by end of 2007, expected revenue for EA is $3.7 Billion, while the same for Activision & Blizzard combined is $3.8 Billion, keeping in mind that the new venture is valued at $19 billion dollars.

The main reason behind the merger as stated by Activision’s chairman, is the interactive added value Blizzard can bring to Activision. When they could not find a way to duplicate it, they preferred to merge with the expertise in the field.

This is a clear home run for internet, cutting through another medium once again – Video Games – and affecting it at large in the very first strike.

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3 Comments to “Electronic Arts Vs (Activision + Blizzard)?”

  1. Firass Says:

    Hello mazen, it’s good to have mazenville back online .

    EA sucks man, Blizzard and Activision make the best games, and they are more creative, those who played diablo II and its expansion know what im talking about, i played diablo over and over jsut to be able to view the cinematic, and the story they provide for the game is simply wonderful, Activision made Star wars : Knights of the old repucblic, which was the best RPG i played untill i satrted playing world of warcraft, and how correct the naming is : “World ” because this game is simply about creating ur alter ego cahracter and interacting with the world of warcraft. WoWers – as ppl playing WoW are called – simplky have their own world and their own vocabulary, and this is something that no other game was able to do , and it came from blizzard, i personally am amazed by the effort made to develop this game, becaure it is so huge!!!! there s a guild on WoW named : blizzard stole my life, just to see how good these guys are :)

  2. Governor Says:

    @ Firass: nice to have you on Mazenville again as well bro :)

    Well despite the fact that this post is not about who is better, it is more about the new comer to the market.

    I would still say, I grew up playing simcity, red alert, command & conquer, renegade, The Sims, and need for speed, and still playing FIFA, lord of the rings, and Medal of Honor, so I DO LOVE EA man :-D

    …and you gotta love them too!

    My used-to-be favorite developer is Lucasarts, however that changed the day they pulled the plug on adventure games.


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