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It is indeed very challening to develop one’s own design, brand or website; especially if you are a professional who has been doing this for multiple years, and have catered to many clients already.

I see that goes back to one simple reason which is actually the main difference between developing your own and developing for a client: A box.

When you work for a client, and I know you do lots of “out of the box thinking”, everything you do is contained within a box, namely budget, brief, and deadline.

When you work for yourself however, you make your scope unlimited which leads you astray and gives you all sorts of headaches known to mankind.

If you try to define a box of your own, be it a specific brief or even a timeline (make it strict if you work better under pressure), you will find that it will become easier. The more seriously you take it the more creative you will be.

Finally, although it is your own brand/wesbite and nobody would understand you better than yourself, it would not harm to get experts feedback; family or friends around you who are in the field. You might not take their direct input, but they might still enlighten you to few details here and there which might inspire you in an indirect way.

Try it! Do the box :)

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One Comment to “Developing Your Own Brand or Website”

  1. DAD Says:

    Enter your message here…
    How nice is the advice, I really appreciate it…
    True that I have just read the article few months after its posting, but I actually tried to apply it, and still waiting for the feedback from some of those parties already consulted for advice on our GC website.
    Take your time, we are not rushing things…

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