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Daised & Reviewed!

December 20th, 2007

So my fiance has actually seen more than a thousand movies and she still remembers them all, which is something I find quite remarkable, so I managed to convince her to blog about it.

I helped her setting up the blog which uses a theme from free wpthemesfree.com, which also had an encrypted footer since being free you know; however, I edited that footer keeping the same information on it and just adding my name because to be honest, the codingwas a bit nasty and the site would not validate XHTML on W3 which is totally unacceptable to me. As a result I managed to pull some free ads on the blog for Mazenville ;)

In Daised & Reviewed, you will find movie reviews from all genres written in a very non conventional way, basically so informal and in a very one-to-one manner.

Give it a visit and leave comments where you feel you need to, the author is very subjective i promise you that, and keep checking because I tell you, there is at least two new reivews everyday; might be for an old movie or a new one.

The site does not spoil anything though, spoilers are handled carefully and are hidden, you cannot read them unless you decide you want to, and at the end of each article, you will get the movie verdict and weather you need to Watch it, or Skip it, hence the name: Daised & Reviewed | Movies to Watch or Skip..

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One Comment to “Daised & Reviewed!”

  1. Sana: Says:

    Thanks Meez! without you I couldn’t have done it! actually the site is still in its early phase and I’m trying to upload as much reviews as I can so if you visit now… do visit again in a while cuz you’ll find more…

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