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If you still have not tried it, you better do!

I personally did, and I was seriously impressed.

What makes ChaCha! different is that it allows you to initially search like you do on any other search engine, hence Google or Yahoo!, it even gets you the results from these…however it does not stop there!

What more can it offer?

HUMAN INTERACTION, and help in guiding through the search results, hence, live chat with a guide to advise you about the results and shortlist them for you to save your time, FREE.

Search for a common name or company, John Smith for example, and you will get thousands of results, you will notice a link below the search field saying: “Need help with ‘John Smith’? Chat with a Live Guide “, give it a click.

You will be taken to another ajax window, with Chat bar on the left pane, and the search results on the right one, pending re sorting, and a guide ready for questions.

He / She will greet you very politely, introduce him/her self, and offer you further help with on your search results, so just specify which John Smith you are looking for, and they will filter the results for you, and might even ask you some questions for further hints and optimized results closest to what you need, if not limited to it.

I belive that is really cool.

Viva Web 2.0! Setting a global platform for interactivity in every possible way.

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