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In case you haven’t noticed yet; Mazenville Arabic is launched.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, there is really no acceptable excuse for the delay. Anyway better late than never.

I did a separate installation for the Arabic blog and I am using the fully Arabized wordpress. I love wordpress man!

Arabizing the theme was easier than I thought. A simple RTL for the main div, “right” alignment in the CSS instead of all the “left”, and a nice reverse of almost all the padding values around the site ;) Then of course you need to replace the English sidebar items with Arabic names. The rest Wordpress Arabic took care of.

I am focusing on Arabizing the relevent posts from “Web Boulevard” category for starters, then I will start authoring new stuff in Arabic. The content however will all be web and internet related. The main point of launching it is to spread knowledge and help improve the field (digital advertising and web) in the region more than anything else. There is really a lack of Arabic blogs in ARABIC, so imagine Arabic blogs in Arabic specialized in digital advertising and web.

I hope it serves its purpose. Please spread the word and give it a visit: Mazenville Arabic [you can also click on the language switch on the top of the sidebar].

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  1. Mazen Abou Hatab Says:

    New Blog entry: Arabic Mazenville has finally arrived. http://tinyurl.com/y8kugky

  2. Arabic Mazenville has finally arrived | Hot WP Themes Says:

    [...] is really overdue. There is no good excuse for the delay.Read more:Arabic Mazenville has finally arrivedRelated Posts:Convert Css To ArabicNew Layout!Fishing TripHow To Lose Man Boobs – Finally How To [...]

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