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800 x 600 sucks!

March 20th, 2008

I cannot believe we are having hard times convincing clients at work to adapt to our design standard of 1024 x 768 screen resolution. I just don’t know what source of information they depend on to opt for 800 x 600 and insist on it!

The world is moving towards 1280 while we still try to sell the 1024 x 768 here, a huge shame really.

We show them stats, we show them analytics, all in vain.

Even at the simplest of examples, Mazenville, take a look at this excerpt from Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Mazenville

800 x 600 = 1.72%!

I have much more visitors (triple) with resolutions of 1620 x 1050.

So is it really hard to figure out which audience to optimize to? Or is there a hidden promise for those who go for 800 x 600 which I don’t know about?

What’s the point of hiring the experts if you’re not going to listen to what they say?

I will close with that.

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2 Comments to “800 x 600 sucks!”

  1. 800 x 600 sucks! Says:

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  2. Imthiaz Says:

    The client will stop asking for the resolution 800X600 when the computer does not support it.

    I have met some of my friends who are not in the computer field who does not know there is a browser called firefox.

    Most of them still don’t know that they can change the monitor resolution

    I have met one guy who said there was no internet on his computer. I went to check and found the internet explorer icon was missing from desktop ;-)

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