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12Mbps in the UAE

October 3rd, 2008

I ordered a DSM-330 Divx connected device and expecting it to arrive next week, and hence was considering upgrading my internet connection (1Mbps) for a better speed.

I was checking the Du site – my provider – to get an idea about the costs, and there it was….

Du are offering speeds up to 12Mbps! Finally proper broadband in Dubai! I am really very grateful.

Prices are quite reasonable and fair as well for what we have here in the region. the 12Mbps costs about $200.

I went for 4Mbps for now, but will move on later on for sure! Online gaming here we come with vengence :D

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6 Comments to “12Mbps in the UAE”

  1. Bob Says:

    Better shape up your FIFA skills ey?

  2. Firass Says:

    Nice,finally i ll get to win again in fifa <3 , and while ur at it, make a WoW account ;)

  3. Governor Says:

    Look at you guys, i wouldnt be surprised why FIfa was the first thing to come to your minds :)

    My biggest win in Fifa ever was with my dear Bob (14 – 0 was it?), and Firass, come on man..do you want me to really put the numbers down here?


  4. Bob Says:

    yada yada yada

  5. Governor Says:

    So guys for real,

    Besides getting your asses kicked in Fifa, you are not interested about getting a 12Mbps home?


  6. Firass Says:

    i would love to, but im in lebanon so , 512 is the big hit here :( , but the idea of having 12mbps !!!!! is !!! wow !!!!! im happy it reached the middle east, as in the west , the free street wireless have more bandwidth then our top ISPs here , i hope it reaches lebanon sometime in the future .

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