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So I’ve just finished playing this awesome game: Botanicula. It is like nothing I played before – this comes from a hardcore, veteran adventure gamer with over 20 years of adventure gaming.

It is a classic point and click adventure game by definition, but I promise you – you haven’t seen or played anything like it.

The game does not have a single spoken word, it is exploration based with a story developing bit by bit either through things happening around you as you interact with them, or via hints from other characters in the game. All this happens as you play a group of 5 main characters who you control simultaneously.

The first 5 minutes were confusing and I was blank  but I continued to play nonetheless because the graphics grew on me – I fell in love with the game at the exact 6th minute once I figured it out.

I have major appreciation to the creators of this game for creating such a beautiful world, story and interaction. They happen to be the same creators of Machinarium as well.

The game is extremely light and funny and has amazing graphics, animation and sound details.

Enough talking about it, watch this official trailer:

Then buy the game from here – you can pay whatever you want! and it will be worth any number of pennies you decide to pay!


Have you played Botanicula yet? What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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