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I actually got meself a DivX Connected device the other day which made the need for me to move all my media files to one location a real urgency.

Add my new camera to that, I’ve been almost out of hard disk space (2 x 160Gb and 2 x 80GB).

Anyways, focusing on the subject at hand (the DivX Connected will get a post to itself soon), I went to Sharaf DG and started looking at available options.

I tried to research it online first but no luck, most of the reviews are either subjective or outdated. The only thing all the reviews had in common was them bitching about WD in first place, and Maxtor in second.

For 1TB, my options were:

1. LaCIE Desktop Harddrive – USB 2.0
2. Seagate FreeAgent – USB 2.0
3. WD MyBook (and Plus) – USB 2.0 and FW400 for Plus
4. Maxtor OneTouch  (and Plus) – USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 + FW400 for Plus
5. IOMEGA Desktop Drive – USB 2.0

The price range was close, the most expensive amongst them surprisingly  was the Maxtor OneTouch Plus.

First riddle was to decide USB Vs FW. The disks at hand being FW400, I considered USB would be faster since its 480Mbs while FW400 is 400Mbs obviosly – This is wrong by the way, FW is still faster but anyway, that was step 1 in decision making.

Remembering what I’ve read about WD and Maxtor, I decided to remove them as options (after staring at each for 20 minutes).

It came down to LaCie, Seagate FreeAgent and IOMEGA.

A close friend of mine who has data that is very valuable to him recommended IOMEGA sometime back, so his voice kept echoing in my head.

Eventually, I ruled out IOMEGA since I used to hate their old thick Floppy Drive storage solutions :) (remember the 90s?)

LaCie Vs Seagate on the final.

The price difference was not much, around $20 more for Seagate which I honestly found wierd. How come LaCie is cheaper?

Further observation lead me to conclude that it was the latest Seagate model and hence why very expensive. It the nicely designed, compact kind of thing to have. Plus it has lots of back up options.

On the other hand the LaCie was straightforward, Bulky, and super standard.

I am no expert but come on, I always thought LaCie was the best thing to have yet I have no idea where that perception came from. Then it came to me..

Thanks to my career influence, I remember websites and how the story is; usually you get a very good looking site but on the account of functionality and practicality. Then you get straightforward sites which work like charm! It is all about functionality and content baby :D – It was a huge indicator to me that LaCie were all about performance, not looks, straight down to business.

That made the LaCie win me at a heartbeat. Plus I do not care about backup, I need the drive for storage. I do not care about mobility, I wanted fixed where it is.

And that was our winner.

1 TB LaCie Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Desktop Drive.

I will revisit this post in a year from now and share my experience. I cannot handle surprises with this one, every video, photo, or music file I have are on that drive now!

4 Comments to “Which External HDD is better? The one I got I hope”

  1. Tariq Seksek Says:

    So Was it a good choice?

  2. Governor Says:

    @Tariq:17 months later, still running like charm and solid like the wall :)

    * knocking on wood *


  3. Tariq Seksek Says:

    Glad You like it Governor.
    I personally have the WD MyBook and no complaints there as well.

  4. Governor Says:

    @Tariq good to know. I have had some horror stories with WD man, but not to worry you :)


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