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So, Flip Media strikes again and manages to generate noise about themselves and the Middle East in the app development scene in North America and the rest of the world.

Being the geeks they are (self included), they couldn’t help not filling an obvious gap in the iPad App market – the lack of good RSS readers.

For some reason, people always forget to develop RSS reader apps! But in this specific case I think I know the story (and I get a chance to unleash an expected whooping attack on Apple :D )

Following the typical Apple life cycle of apps and products, most of the iPad apps were actually recycled iPhone apps. The iPhone being a small mobile phone basically nobody would fancy reading RSS feeds in rich format on its tiny screen, keep it basic at best and hence the void in the category for the iPad – which has a sexy large screen.

Flip had different thoughts *swish swish * : enter SlideReader

An RSS reader app on steroids with heavy, serious eye candy for your iPad device.

Extremely user friendly with some cool features (as listed by the developer):

  • Google Reader Sync: a real time seamless integration between your Google Reader account and Slide Reader.
  • Profiles: Since many homes have multiple users on one device, Slide Reader’s profile functionality enables each to maintain their own feeds and themes in one application.
  • Feed Catalog: Slide Reader’s constantly updated catalog of feeds helps users discover some of the web’s best content by category, topic and language.
  • Theme store: Users can personalize their reading experience by selecting acustomized look for the application.

The app costs only $4.99 on the Apple iTunes store – sounds like a subsidized price really. If you are on Android (like me) then you are in luck. The android version is free in the Android Market.

Anyway why write a lot about it when the guys have a done good job showcasing the app in video, check it out: http://www.slidereader.me

Well done Flip.

Have you tried SlideReader yet?

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3 Comments to “Flip Media strikes with another app: SlideReader”

  1. Mazen Abou Hatab Says:

    @flipmedia launches a new explosive app and gets me blogging again (better late than never) – read here: http://tiny.cc/xe7hz

  2. deetox Says:

    RT @meezeus: @flipmedia launches a new explosive app and gets me blogging again (better late than never) – read here: http://tiny.cc/xe7hz

  3. Flip Media Says:

    Our friend @meezeus writes his review of our @SlideReader app – read here: http://tiny.cc/xe7hz

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