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Ok it’s not a secret that I am not a huge fan of iphone, not a fan at all actually, but you gotta give it to the device, its the best gadget available at the moment which has cool apps. I am still waiting for the day when blackberry catches up, but to be honest my hopes and money are on the nexus one :)

Anyway back to the main subject, we Flippers are very cool people, and we like to stay on top of technology. After we couldn’t wait anymore to receive an interesting brief for an app, we decided to do it again and brief one ourselves :)

Most of us are movie buffs, its a passion we take seriously, and we felt that we could do something which is cool to see what we’re capable of, plus something that is really useful so we would be the first to use it.

So how about we develop an app that keeps us up to date with what’s happening in all movie theaters in UAE (for a start)?

There it was: Naviflix.

The app is eye candy, user-friendly and simple to navigate. You can browse movie listings from all Reel Cinemas, Cinestar and Grand Cinema locations with just a flick of a finger. The application utilizies the iPhone’s core location based technology to find theaters closest to your location. You can sort the listings by movie title, location or show times. You could even set your favorites. You can also directly watch movie trailers from the phone.

Now us being nerds yet social, we had to link this to Facebook and Twitter. From the app you can post films you are planning on watching, that goes to your twitter and facebook, your friends see that, start replying, and there you go! Night sorted :)

Finally, because not all of us have iphones, we developed a mobile site which you can access from other devices like Nokia N series, blackberry and what have you. You will get the same  interface as the app, it won’t run as sexy as it does on the iphone (sad), but who cares? It would still be the best mobile site you can get to find movie listings from ALL theaters in the UAE.

The app is available on the itunes app store, you can get it from there. As for the mobile site, just browse to this address from your mobile: http://naviflix.com/

Next on the list: Android app, Ipad app.


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2 Comments to “Flip gives the movie lovers: Naviflix”

  1. Mazen Abou Hatab Says:

    If you love movies, you gotta love Flip :) http://tinyurl.com/y5hh4lu

  2. Imthi Says:

    LOL!! Blackberry!! Hope it catches up. No hard feelings bro :-S

    I should say you blog post is much better than what I wrote ;-)

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