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Blackberry phones are made for businesses, mainly to enslave employees, hence Crackberries. :)

“Do more, all he time” rather than “Do more in less time”.

Which naturally means to day 90% of Blackberry owners are provided the devices by their corporates.

If you look around you, especially in a place like Dubai, you will notice most of these BB owners keep their personal phone on them as well, which is something I can never do.

I hate one phone already, so imagine two :/

I divert all my phone calls to the BB and carry only that since work is 80% of my life, however lots of people insist on SMSing me on my personal number despite my constant and continuous requests asking them  not to. You cannot divert SMSs in case you are wondering.

The point I want to get at, have not this fact occurred to the BB manufacturers yet? People would carry their personal phone plus the damn ugly enslaving device?

Why not simply make them dual SIM cards capacity? it should be standard, default option to be honest.

I really do not get it.

2 Comments to “Blackberry with 2 Sim Cards..One Day?”

  1. Imthiaz Says:

    Yes you are absolutely right bhai saab and I can understand what you are going thru :D

  2. LT Says:

    i had to leave comment.. Crackberry, cause you are almost on crack (not that i have been on one).. but you check your e-mail every minute, as if between now and a minute later a VERY important e-mail is going to pop up.. It is becomes racy thing, and once you check your crackberry and there is an e-mail.. the sigh of relief.. YAHOO! I have received the damn thing! you itch for one.. it is an addiction and if it goes BUST ! oh my god.. the crackberry has crashed ! and the world tumbles! your digital interaction died! (happened to me, almost cried) :)

    Either way, on the post above, some friends had their personal numbers setup and their work e-mails feeding to it! so you might want to consider that! how about giving your friends your crackberry #! so you will be one serious crackhead! … Either way, hope this was useful! Cheers

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