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Following up on part 1, this is where I share the details and steps I went through to widgetize my theme (using dynamic sidebars) and then enhance the layout by leveraging WordPress version 2.9.2 native thumbnail support.

The fact that recently 4 months passed by without me blogging at all is totally unacceptable. I had to make personal amendments and technical ones to fix that and make sure blogging is back into the system. This part is the introduction.

AIRFRANCE / KLM launched a new social networking platform: BLUENITY. I decided to share my experience of the site after registering and using it from a user and professional point of view.

Social Media & The Middle East
February 13th, 2010

It seems that marketers in the region have suddenly decided to adopt Social Networking in their plans, however the way they are approaching it is not what you can exactly call ideal, especially when they use the word “optimization” to describe it.

The Unofficial Dubai Metro Website
September 10th, 2009

It’s full of Information and helpful tools – with a community flavor. Thank you Flip Media.

As I always say, I do not believe these 2 platforms are comparable head to head in terms of “Which is better?”. However read through this entry to find out how you can decide which one to use and for what purposes.

DubaiMusicians.com has landed
February 20th, 2009

Being a musician, I faced lots of standard challenges which face every other musicians when they first move to a new place or simply relocate. Hence why I developed this community site hoping to help every musician overcome the standard challenges and bring the community together.

YouTube does not like TAB
January 14th, 2008

In an age of usability and small details, a great player seems to slip.

A new search engine that saves you some right clicks.

Yep, I was a speaker! *clap clap clap clap*