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I have not blogged in quite some time now, and it is a bit awkward to make a come back with this post, however I could not stop myself!

I promise lots of other valuable posts in REAL categories on Mazenville later on…

Anyway, I have noticed two negative and weird phenomenas that have been occurring more often lately in Dubai:

1. Rude Cabs  / No Cabs

I know the first  idea that jumps to your mind is “ofcourse, it is everywhere”. However what you need to know is that in Dubai it is a monopoly, there is only Dubai Taxi which you can either get by calling or by stopping on the road. They are obliged by law to take you and drop you where you tell them, keeping in mind that Dubai has the most expensive cab rates in the Middle East. Lately, the dudes have been choosing their fares! They don’t stop, just lower the windows and ask you about your destination, if it is not a fortune for them they keep driving on looking for a fatter prey! Unbelievable.

Funny enough is that when there is an event, and you call for a cab, they tell you clearly sorry no cabs available, there is a conference and we are busy.


2. Trollies everywhere

Wherever you go, like near your work, near your car, near your building block…you will find a Geant / Carrefour trolly lying somewhere!

People have been traveling distances with these trollies and leaving them at their doorstep.

Does this have anything to do with point 1 above? I wonder.

What is happening to this place? I hope we see amendments soon :)

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  1. Imthiaz Says:

    Welcome back…!!!!

    Dude I just feel like posting some comment in your blog when ever I see a new post in it.

    Just can’t resist myself :D

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