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So today we (my sis, my fiance, and myself) were thinking about having something nice for lunch, basically moderately priced and healthy, then it came to our mind this place we once saw at Town Centre in Jumeriah, called “Simply Healthy”, so we thought yeah let’s go there and enjoy some food that is light to both, the stomach and the wallet.

We went to Town Centre, parked the car, went upstairs, chose our spot, and 5 minutes later the guys came with the menu, we scanned it, very impressive, lots of choices, and each item had a calory counter next to it, so we placed our order:

  • 1 Spring rolls plate to share
  • 1 Green salad
  • 1 Grape fruit salad
  • 1 Soup of the day
  • 1 Grilled chicken sandwich
  • 1 healthy burger sandwich
  • 1 Stir fried beef

And waited…and waited….and waited!

After around 20 minutes, the waitress brought the green salad plate (only), we thought “it’s ok, at least it’s a start”. 10 minutes later, the grilled chicken sandwich appeared! And we started to suspect something is wrong.

Then after another 10 minutes, the burger sandwich arrived, but my sis decided to make a point, and refused to take it, since she is waiting for the salad, and the appetizer to share to come before having the main course.

Then it started hitting me, where is my soup of the day? usually it is the fastest item to get, i poked the waitress, yet in vain.

Then the next thing that happens is a staff shift change, the current staff left, and the new shift staff came.
And immediately, the burger plate came again with the new waiter, so my sister had no choice but to make it clear that she asked the previous waitress to get the salad first and the appetizer, the waiter nodded his head in agreement and walked away with the plate.

Almost 30 minutes passed, with only a salad plate, and a main course plate (which were ordered by the same peron), and the wait continued for the starter, the salad, the soup, and the 2 main courses.

Finally, somebody came with the spring rolls plate, which were ok by the way.

Then the grape fruit salad came almost rushed in, and it was not too bad either.

After 40 mins, finally my soup has arrived, followed for the third time by the burger plate for my sis.
The soup tasted like onion although it is a mushroom soup (at least that’s what we were told), the burger tasted absolutely like nothing, pretty much like the grilled chicken sandwich, actually astronauts food would have tasted better, or at least had more taste in it.

After 55 minutes, I decided to cancel my stir fried beef, so I went to the cashier and asked the lady to cancel it, consequently she asked the kitchen to cancel the “lamb” stir fry!! The chef did, however he seemed upset since the plate was almost ready.

I decided to take the bill since I was already there, and avoid another 15 minutes wait, and so I did, and surprisingly it was not the “cheap” place to eat at although the service gives you that impression.

Bottom line, I understood that Simply Healthy was a place that prides itself with high quality, healthy food, however the food seemed of neither, not to mention that the service was far below poor, and it made us feel that the meals are overpriced, given the quality, the taste(less), and the portion size.

So unless healthy food has become “diet” food, and unless the norm of having a soup, then a starter and salad, before getting the main course has vanished, I say guys, even if you are great at catering and specialized diet problems, then you might consider renaming it to Simply Diet , close the restaurant and keep it at catering and personalized diet

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