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If you own a roadster or a sports up car and you live in Dubai, make sure you don’t install Pirelli 18″ low profile tires. These are really scarce here!

Don’t get me wrong, them tires are sexy and extremely durable (had them for 2 years), but they are simply unavailable here.

I had a flat tire recntly and went to the car agency workshop, and was surprised to find out they do no have any in stock. We called the sole agent in Dubai, same answer. I checked more than 9 Pirelli tire shops, none available!

Later on while I was bitching about it,  I learned from my friend that his wife faced the same problem, plus a work colleague. So it is not a temp situation, it’s been like this for 2 year apparently.

I recommend getting a Dunlop, they are extremely available, or even a Firestone despite being notorious, also available and I have friends who had positive experiences with those.

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  1. Imthiaz Says:

    Point noted saab :-)

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