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Alert: Flip is Hiring!

March 31st, 2008

After spending almost 3 years at Flip, I can safely say it is the best job I had in my life. If anything was to be close to Google in terms of work environment, work nature, cool bosses, and the accompanying lifestyle, it would definitely be Flip.

The biggest online advertising agency in the Middle East, which does every web related job you can think of. A hive to online gurus from or residing in the Middle East. More than 26 nationalities speaking over 35 languages in a network of 8 offices in the coolest cities of the world.

Your only limit is your capabilities, being an independent agency means no politics and no shit, if you prove you are capable of the next role, you will take it for sure regardless of how much time you spent at Flip, how old you are, or where you come from. Just prove you are ready, and the guys will make sure you are tested :)

The beef is, Flip is now on a hiring wave, and I am particulary interested in hiring for my department: Account Management, which is based in Dubai. You will get to manage great accounts, secure a good salary, enjoy a lovely working space, and most important: Work closely with me :-)

The perfect recipe for a successful account manager at Flip as I see it is: Project Management skills, Web background, and Marketing knowledge, ordered by priority.

The first and the last we can teach you, but the middle one has to be in your heart.

The application page is here.

If you are interested other positions in different departments, just check the general careers page and you will find other available listings.

keep in mind we are interested in career builders, not job seekers, Flip is not a station, she is a keeper :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Reference Mazenville.com in the application to receive your free gift – NOT ;)

One Comment to “Alert: Flip is Hiring!”

  1. Governor Says:

    Hello All,

    This is an update, the openning is closed, a couple of great dudes joined already so for next time.


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