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Lets look at this from a different perspective shall we?

Puma teams are out, some big names for Adidas are out, and some big names for Nike are out as well.

We are left with the 4 teams who decided to play football and not bullshit, and surprisingly two of those were not exactly expected to be where they are now: Russia and Turkey.

What do they have in common beside that? they share Nike jerseys :)

For people how know me, they know I am a hardcore German fan, and it is a coincidence that I am also a hardcore Adidas fan.

Nike is definitely a cool brand, but I am more about functionality rather than glamor in everything I do in my life apparently. Including work (CMS websites) and football (Germany).

So I hope we head for an Adidas final for the sake of football and the sake of functionality.

Plus, I do not understand football teams who choose a jersey manufacturer who calls football: Soccer ;)

Don’t take my word for it, check Nike’s Website.


2 Comments to “Euro 2008 Semi Final: Adidas Vs Nike”

  1. Next cup will be ours Says:

    A very interesting observation..But I wouldn’t be very surprised if I see Nike jerseys on German players next time:))

  2. Governor Says:

    Haha nice one.

    But I dont think so ;)

    I would be Very surprised.

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