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Blank, Blue, Sunny, or White?

December 12th, 2007

If you think this is rather vague and confusing, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I am a very curious person by nature, and it eats me inside out when I hear a tiny detail about something and not get the whole story shortly after! Especially when I find myself in a position with no chance of obtaining information!

Last week was my birthday (December 8 – Mighty Sagittarius), my fiance and my sister gave me a real good treat over the weekend and made it very special. They also got me me kick ass gifts (thank you).

On the other side, my bosses at work, the most senior at the company (who are close friends at the same time, very rare I know, apply here) have put me in an awkward situation; I received an email with the subject line “Choose a color”, the body of the message said: “blank, blue, sunny, or white”.

I replied “This is too general, what are we talking about?”, because you know, I might like a white car but not a white jacket for example!

I got a screaming email reply “PIICK ONNEE!”. I had no choice but to look back at the list…and since my default color (BLACK) was not on it, I picked white for some reason although I was wearing a blue top that day.

The reply was “So Lebanese ;) ”…that just made me think… dude what do you want from me?

That was it.

Later on I was getting hints from the guys: it is about my birthday gift, it is an “executive secret” which only them 4 knew about, bla bla bla you can imagine how tight they were keeping it.

I tried to Google it, search for it, interrogate people…nothing helped, no clue whatsoever.

Then yesterday, we went to a kick ass lounge called JAMBASE in Madinat Jumeirah, and everyone seemed to be happy about the fact that I am so clueless and dying to find out – they have been remotely watching me killing myself trying to figure out the smallest thing about it.

And what do you know…first I discover that BLANK was actually a typo for BLACK! Then I receive a hint: it is being shipped!

AHA! with the set of colors, and the fact that it does not exist in Dubai, I thought I would narrow my search circle…and I was right!

Narrowed it down to 250,343,214 pages of Google search results vs 1 billion from before!

…and the fact remains that I missed my BLACK option.

Been trying to figure it out so bad, trances and all you know, but I cannot seem to hit the target, I eliminated lots of things but I am still far, becoming my personal holy grail.

If you are half curious as I am you would know it is not fun :(

Anyway I know I will find out with time, and I will do post a comment with what it is.

What can it be man?

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5 Comments to “Blank, Blue, Sunny, or White?”

  1. Tornado Says:

    Looks like an ipod to me.. Happy b day!

  2. Governor Says:

    Thanks Tornado :)

    However, iPOD is available here, why order overseas? ;)

  3. Claire Says:


    A great man once said, ‘all good things come to those who wait’

    Soon your curiosity will be answered.

    In the meantime, I will enjoy watching your antics to try and tease from one of us, the answer to this cryptic conundrum.


  4. Governor Says:


    Thank you Claire (and guys).

  5. Governor Says:

    This is to the people out there who I’ve made curious as well…the gift is…*drum roll*


    I am still high on it, and really cannot believe it!

    This means lots of things, and to you most relevent two would be:
    1. I will write about seperately
    2. I will definitely be in recording world again soon :)

    All the hugs to Dinesh & Claire, Martin, and Yousef.

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