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Bad Shades Karma

July 10th, 2007

It may not be the most interesting subject in the world, however I wonder how many other people around the globe has my same problem! It is simply that I have a very bad karma when it comes to Sun Glasses.
I might be having short memory problems sometimes, however overall, I am a person who enjoys a very good memory, “sharp” is the right word to use, which only makes me feel worse in this case. Yes maties, sometimes it is better to have bad memory and swallow the blame.

This the the third incident, third time it happens to me, where I exactly remember the whole scenario starting when I was wearing my shades until the minute I find out they disappeared. Yes, DISAPPEARED.
This time, was the shortest time of possession, feels like “the powers that be” is signaling me a last warning “It is either these are the last pair you buy, or next time it won’t be just the shades that will disappear”.
I had these for less than a month, a pair of fine Ray Bans, 3320, latest design, the day started with me wearing them of course in the car while driving, I parked my car, went to the office, took them off – just like everyday – and placed them on my desk next to the LCD.

I had a meeting with a client, then I went and grabbed something to eat (definitely positive was not wearing them, confirmed with witnesses in the office who saw me walking out without them), then came back, received a phone call scheduling another meeting which was happening in the next 30 minutes, so I prepared my folder, cards, keys, reached to grab for my shades…..and VOILA! Nothing on the desk.
I looked literally everywhere, sent internal email promising a free lunch to whoever finds em in the office, re walked my whole routine path in Media City, checked my car, checked the place i got breakfast from, security guards, lost & found, nothing….just vanished into void.

I was on a shades boycott for almost 6 months because my previous pair disappeared in Kuwait in almost the same way, with me exactly remembering all the steps starting the minute I put them on to the minute I find out they are gone.

To conclude – in case the powers that be reads blogs – I promise I am not buying eye shades for the next year! So unless I receive them as a gift, or find a pair of some other unfortunate fellow (YES I WILL TAKE THEM), I will take the sore, and hug the sun with my eyes.

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2 Comments to “Bad Shades Karma”

  1. Paz Says:

    Most likely your last paragraph happened to you. Some poor frustrated soul had lost the exact same pair for similar reasons and stole yours. So maybe if we could speak to sunglasses, they would tell us a very interesting story….

  2. Governor Says:

    Haha I know dude…

    Well the thing I failed to mention / update this entry later on…is that whoever took them, decided to give them back.

    Although in a very bizarre way (something similar to “we will turn off the lights for 5 minutes, whoever took it put it back, and no harm done”) , I am still grateful :)


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