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The Real Classics 1

December 14th, 2007

I have been drifting away from music which is not good. It is mainly because I am being piled up with work; even when I do listen now it has not been not my main genres, someone else is controlling the playlists you know so I thought I should make amendments!

The only place I really get to listen to music in peace is my car (this is so sad, music is my life :( ) and hence I thought step 1 would be compiling a CD from my collection. I’ve been having this strong urge to listen to Classic Rock you know, back to basics.

I decided to go MP3 way rather than audio to be able to make sets of folders rather sets of CDs, and the main theme is “The Real Classics”.

For my first folder, here is what I’ve chosen:

  1. Roadhouse blues – The Doors
  2. A horse with no name – America
  3. Love Hurts – Nazareth
  4. Don’t stop believing – Journey
  5. Unchain my hear – Joe Cocker
  6. Hey Jude – The Beatles
  7. Why can’t this be love – Van Halen
  8. Let it be – The Beatles
  9. Have you ever seen the rain – C.C.R
  10. Summer in the city – Joe Cocker
  11. The turning of a friendly card – Alan Parsons Project

And I gotta tell ya, I am just loving it! Especially the fact that I am driving while listening to these masterpieces :)

As you can notice I have taken a unique chilled classic approach, avoiding the standard ones which I still expect to be featured in my next playlists on “The Real Classics”.

Will keep you updated ;)

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2 Comments to “The Real Classics 1”

  1. Wael Says:

    Hey come pick me up for a ride, but when the first song is over drop me at the nearest bus station hehe. Let it roll, baby, roll. The start line is just amazing.

  2. Governor Says:

    You bet your ass I will, especially if things materialize positively in the very near future…you know ;)


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