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Project PazMaz

January 17th, 2009

I’ve always wanted to record music for games or movie soundtracks. Seriously, If I ever wanted a professional career in music, It would not be virtuoso or a band, instead I would love to take games or movies projects.

Anyway the point is my buddy Paul; DJ PAZ, who is my colleague at work, partner in crime, my tag team mate, and best friend in Dubai really, dragged my ass by force back into music. He was remixing some Brazilian tracks and he needed guitar on one of those so he forced me into it. I am very grateful really.

That did not go as planned ofcourse, instead we recorded an original with very slight influence from the original track.

The remix was drum & bass, and I do metal, so you can imagine the end result. It is like Metal, Drum & bass :D

Sounds like a fusion or a new genre really.

It is currently at 80% completion. I will put it up here once it is done in a week or so. Just needs one last session.

The track is perfect for a video game, would also work for a Tarantino movie.

It is good as well because I finally got a chance to use my full line6 setup:
- Toneport KB37 for recording
- Variax 600 for playing
- Gearbox for effects & processing

This might be the first step on that “games or soundtracks” direction! At least I like to hope so ;)

We are both very excited and satisfied.

Stay tuned!

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4 Comments to “Project PazMaz”

  1. Sana Says:

    I heard the track from the other room and i was able to tell that this is it… its gonna be a great soundtrack indeed thought its not completed yet but you can see some action going on when hearing the track… hope there is more to come :)

  2. Remiz Says:

    When we can hear it man.. ?

    Waiting for it

  3. Imthiaz Says:

    All the best Bro..

  4. Governor Says:

    Thanks guys for the hype and anticipation. :)

    I promise the track will be done this week. It just needs one more session and we cannot get our asses together to finalize it. Will try and do today.


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