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Nevermore Side Experiments

September 15th, 2008

Nevermore is one my favorite metal bands ever, probably my all time second favorite and the best true metal performing band these days.

The frontman Warrel Dane and the guitar genius Jeff Loomis released their debut solo albums this summer, and man it’s been a true while since I listened to music this good, good enough to inspire the shit out of me.

I am mostly thrilled with Loomis’s “Zero Order Phase”; you may call it an instrumental, but never a guitar virtuoso. This dude has really proved that he is one hell of a musician, not your average kick ass metal guitar shredder at all.

The album is very technical at points, and very smooth at others. Influences can be clearly defined as you make your way through the album, some parts sound like Yngwie, others like Vai, then you get a heavy dose of Friedman and a bit of Skolnick, all wrapped in the unique Loomis signature style.

It is really one hell of an album, differnet in every meaning of the word for an instrumental release. It is not about solos, but musical set pieces mixed together. My favorite track is Sacristy. Give it a listen and you will know what I mean. And before you judge, give the whole album a proper listening session.

As for Dane’s “Praises to the War Machine”, it is really the quality you would expect from such a great lyricist and performer. Very close to Nevermore yet you can safely say Dane managed to add the small things that he cannot add to Nevermore’s music. Hence, it is easier on the ears :)

My favorite track is “Messenger”, funny enough it features Jeff Loomis ;)

I am really in love with 2008, it’s been a great metal year with the come back of Testament, Opeth, and many more plus those awesome releases by Nevermore’s members.


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  1. Firass Says:

    u know opeth oO >?

  2. Governor Says:


    You cannot be serious asking that?

  3. Firass Says:

    ofc ;)

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