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A Fine Download

December 2nd, 2007

I have written about The Fine in Mazenville v1.0, but since it has all gone I will summarize quickly:

The Fine are a local act (Dubai) of two members so far: Dinesh & Claire.

Claire comes from Ireland and brings with her a very warm voice, a strong sense for good music, and a great talent in writing lyrics.

Dee (Dinesh) comes from India and has a great mind for composing music, and greater hands and tools to deliver on it :)

Their passion for music led them to find each other in Dubai…and form The Fine.

Their musical backgrounds are diversified; it is safe to say that Dinesh’s favorite genre is Funk, while Claire’s is alternative & beat driven music. They form a great fusion with his guitar driven music and her Irish influenced vocals.

This mixture of music and cultural differences produces great harmony in The Fine’s music and makes it genuinely different. This is very clear in their debut “Come one Come All” which works out as a “best of” as well.

The LP is recorded in India and produced in UK. It is seriously one of the best production I ever heard for a Middle East-based band.

As a band, I would say they play Pop Rock and sound like: The Corrs, Roxette, some Cranberries and some Duran Duran.

Lately they were featured on 92 FM in Dubai and scored the song of the day on GarageBand, hence captured many hearts with their music – that is the good news for them, the good news for us is that their music is open for Free download now for some time.

You can Download the tracks from their album “Come one Come all” here: The Fine Website

I like Hold on, but I just love the guitar riff in Hero, one of the best acoustic riffs I ever heard.

Download it while it’s still available :)

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