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The least I can say is: very enlightening! raising a thousand questions about the integrity and impartiality of the folks we love and respect at Google, and showing us more than the extremely kick ass HQ they work at, and the wonderful jobs and lifestyle people who work there have. Questioning the base of what Marissa Mayer’s introduces google as the beginning of the documentary:

Google is a search engine, it allows us to search the web, it also is a company that really focuses on innovative technologies and organizing the world’s information.

The enterprise is becoming a monopoly conquering many disciplines and mainly search engines, putting all small internet ventures out of business, making a lot others rich through acquisition, and keeping the traditional aces life much harder to keep up with the race. It us a full cyber cold war.

The main question is: What happens if Google did become a Monopoly?

Through many interviews and discussions with main Google and Internet figures, Van Veelen’s first familiarizes us with the common vocabulary and features, things like PageRank, targeted advertising, book search and so on, showing us how each is developed – obviously by monitoring users behavior and storing huge amount of information, to make features like the “Did you mean” spell checker / keyword suggester available – raising another main question: What happens to the information Google collects from us..about us?

An average today user is on google mail, google earth, google maps and google search engine; everything done on these is stored and kept starting from the email correspondence and ending with whats being searched for, leading to create almost a full profile about each user. Now imagine if Google is owned by the US government, or if uncle sam has at least some influence inside…what would that mean?

Simply that privacy is on its way to oblivion if the trend keeps up like this. I mean seriously, how innocent is it to provide such great services to people for free? Despite the fact that they are revenue generating services, but to us users at the end of the day, they are free!

I won’t spoil more of this beautiful, engaging documentary, you better look it up and watch it, it is only 47 minutes, and I assure it will change how you see Google forever, and it will raise another thousand questions in the back of your head, besides the thousand that were asked during those 47 minutes.

Ijsbrand Van Veelen has seriously thrown a huge effort to make the documentary as impartial and objective as possible, yet it is clear that what is being suggested is not really (a big conspiracy?)

Personally, I appreciate my privacy and would like to keep control over it, hence why I am not very mad about services like facebook, and I seriously do not trust them at all. However, I still love Google, and I would still use their applications being the most efficient, user friendly, and convenient available around today.

Unless I want to kill someone or rob a bank, then I will make sure I will not “google” it, or talk about it through my gmail account ;)

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