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PBS: Triumph of the Nerds

December 23rd, 2007

This 3 parts documentary is seriously enjoyable and very educational.

It is indeed very thorough, summarizing the evolution of PC technology in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in a very accurate manner, highlighting all the main events and turning points and showing us today’s giants; how they started, and where they are headed.

It is not a new one, dates back to 1996, however, you will be surprised that the conclusions the aces made for the future at the end of the show were all accruate, hence why they are nerds.

The main nerds are:

  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Wozniak

Accompanied by a great cast of aces (nerds) like famous IBM CEO’s and short lived OS developers and owners at the time.

You will see them all in honest to god interviews throughout the documentary, mixed with cartoons, historical commercials and nice footages.

The documentary suggests that this triumph is rather accidental, and it comes from people who are nerds – meaning creative, casual, funny, and down to earth geeks, rather than professional suits and corporate gurus.

All the interesting stories we know a bit about are detailed like:

  • We see how IBM won the market share by introducing open architecture model, and how it eventually led to them losing it as well.
  • We see how Bill Gates (microsoft) managed to benefit from the old Apple / IBM battles, working for both and artistically “borrowing” ideas from both until he managed to become the large whale of the market leaving both struggling behind.
  • We see how Steve Jobs got fired from his own company.

…and lots of other cool stuff, and the best thing is that we get to see the real reactions of the people involved and hear them talking about it.
If you are a nerd (I am) you will enjoy this one and will be so proud of what you do, if you are not you will get to learn a lot and have lots of nerd fun.

PBS production, written and hosted by Robert (Bob) Cringley.

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2 Comments to “PBS: Triumph of the Nerds”

  1. Yousef Tuqan Tuqan Says:

    Speaking of “triumph of the nerds”, the victory is a lot closer to home, too. The nerds have won, and the nerds are slowly taking over the communications industry where we are.

    Flip is now 140 people, which is bigger than a lot of traditional agencies in the Middle East. And we have a nicer office than them, too.

    Rock on..


  2. Governor Says:

    Haha indeed…

    I am thinking about adding “Flip Tower” to Mazenville – a new category.

    God bless!

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