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Gore’s: An Inconvenient Truth

January 30th, 2008

To begin with, I just want to say that I really am impressed with Al Gore, the man who used to be the next president of the United Stated.

I finally got to watch this beautiful documentary, or I rather say this horror movie based on a true story!

This is no shit, Global Warming is real, it is here, and unless we do something about it, the world will be very different…very soon.

Although very scientific, fact driven, and based on the ex office-man delivering a presentation in front of an audience, Gore’s hi tech show and superb presentation skills, not to mention his heart and emotions, will keep you on your toes from start to finish. This documentary is so well timed that it being any shorter or longer would have changed its impact significantly. Very compelling and thoughtful work.

Gore succeeds very easily in convincing us with the size of the problem we are living, and I say living and not will live because we are already in it.

He connects it to today’s politics and social facts – combined with lots of jokes ofcourse, and even explain why some people pretend that either it is not a big deal, or that it something that we might face in the far future.

I mean how many of us knew that the lots of famous lakes have already disappeared? not to mention lots of icebergs, snow on famous mountain tops, and even on the alps? Or that Greenland is cracking and might flood the oceans and kill almost 60 million people world wide?

He gives it all to us, it is all there, the summary of almost 40 years of research, supported by all types of facts, footages, and future predictions if we maintain the current trend.

I think this presentation should be included in school curriculum  and aired on every free TV  in the world.

I admit I knew so little about the subject now that I seen this.

Kudos to Gore and his work indeed. Forget everything you know about politics and that fact that we was a politician, or you might not need to actually if you decided to see how unimpressive we are and watch this…indeed, inconvenient truth.

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One Comment to “Gore’s: An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. S.T. Says:

    He has received Nobel prize for his achievements; but big countries only praise these efforts, yet they still continue to avoid the necessary legislation or regulations to prevent global warming.

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