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Discovery: Mythbusters

June 12th, 2007

If you drink alcohol to get some warmth during the cold nights, or afraid of smoking in the toilet, not because it’s super unhygienic, but because you’re afraid to burst out of the ceiling because of an explosion you might cause, or even add Coke to your washing detergent to remove grease stains, then you need to start watching this show.

Definitely my favorite series ever – and people think I am silly when I say that!

You won’t believe the amount of crap planted in our heads, which these guys address correctly as “myth” until you start to watch the show. I seriously do not know where we get our facts from, movies, cartoons, improvisation, personal conclusions…all I know is that 70% of it at least is WRONG.

When you read me writing about this show you will think it is a pure documentary, scientific series, well in a way or another it is, but with hosts it has, and the style they chose to bust all these myths through – Trial & Error – you are up for some true entertaining experiences.

Just try to google these two: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, and you will know what I mean. These guys are like the coolest nerds / geniuses ever existed, with a profile that shocks and owes! They done it all, graphic design, modeling, 3D, building & construction, inventing, engineering, computer programming, animation, camera positioning, carpentry, special effects..etc. and they seem to know about everything and every science and art that is known to mankind. They helped making movies like Terminator, Star Wars, Matrix, and all the big block busters.

Just watch one episode and you will find out for yourself, whenver they need something, they either build it, or invent it if it does not exist, even their crash test dummy: Buster, they keep rebuilding it every time they crash it (almost every season).

The show is fun and superbly visually dramatic, the guys are true stunts and take trial and error so seriously, and they try to bust every myth they come accross using all means when needed, from gunfire to car crashes to explosions to even throwing themselves from great heights.

At the end of each myth test, they give you one of three results: Busted, Plausible, or Confirmed.
Busted is when the myth is not close to reality by any chance or mean, Plausible is when a myth’s is confirmed once its circumstances or conditions were greatly exaggerated, and confirmed is when a myth proves to be true.

My personal favorites (which I still remember) are:

  • Would an aeroplane explode if you shoot a chicken at it?
  • Did torture by water drops exist and is it effective?
  • Can smoking in the toilet explode it?
  • Can you shatter glass with human voice?
  • Can a CD ROM be shattered at 40X+ speed

These guys indeed “Don’t tell Myths, they put them to the test”!

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