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BBC: Blackbeard

January 3rd, 2008

Whether you are into pirates or not, you will definitely appreciate this one by BBC. It is based on a real pirate’s story dating back to the golden age of piracy, and the pirate chosen is arguably the greatest of them all: Edward Teach, known widely as blackbeard…once you see him you will know why :)

The documentary is delivered in two parts, the first covers the early days of piracy for Edward Teach, showing us how he constructed his ambition and built his reputation, with an introduction to his cunning techniques, while the second part shows us how the end of Edward Teach and the start of blackbeard.

The whole story is told (narrated and acted) by his shipmaster Mr Hans.

Just like every other legend, there are so many stories about Blackbeard, one would not be able to tell what is true and what is fiction. I am assuming this version is all based on facts since it is BBC’s official edition, well chosen facts I must add.

Many interesting events occur throughout which keeps you stuck to your chair. The production is pretty much impressive you would easily mistake it for a movie if you pass by it, especially the story being told by a member of the crew rather than narration and interviews. (Not the real Hans Israel, but the actor who plays his role)

I must say Blackbeard had an original style for a pirate – a true trend setter, and he had a very interesting flag as well :)

I strongly recommend watching this one, there are so many fairy tales and fiction today about them pirates that it is good to see how their life was really like.

This one shall also answer all your question about if the pirates had honor, or a rule book, or even a common code which they operated under.

a 2006 production, starring James Purefoy who you might recognize from Rome and A Knight’s Tale.

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