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Mazen Abou Hatab

Spotting "ships in the horizon"

Sagittarian. Marketing professional. Digital specialist. Musician. Movies and documentaries follower. Football junkie. Veteran video gamer. Cigar enthusiast. Timepieces admirer.Alive since 1981. Video gaming since 1991. Online since 1995. Digital since 2003.Last seen: at MasterCard as a VP of Digital Marketing in MEA.

Mazenville is the personal blog of Mazen Abou Hatab.

Here, Mazen writes about subjects of his interest:

Web & Internet – Bread and butter for 10 years.

Music – Music crazy for 20 years and an aspiring musician.

Documentaries – An avid follower.

Video Games – A veteran gamer (since 1989).

Technology & Gadgets – A geek and a nerd; naturally interested.

Outside Mazenville – About Dubai, current place of residence, and about friends and colleagues.

Boardgames Manuals – A big fan, have lost some manuals and couldn’t find them anywhere. So decided to upload whatever I have to hopefully help other fans avoid a similar disappointment.

Mazenville is the only politics-free town in the world, so please keep that in mind when you decide to leave your fingerprint somewhere on its streets and corners.