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Mazenville is the personal blog of Mazen Abou Hatab.

Here, Mazen writes about subjects of his interest:

Web & Internet – Bread and butter for 10 years.

Music – Music crazy for 20 years and an aspiring musician.

Documentaries – An avid follower.

Video Games – A veteran gamer (since 1989).

Technology & Gadgets – A geek and a nerd; naturally interested.

Outside Mazenville – About Dubai, current place of residence, and about friends and colleagues.

Boardgames Manuals – A big fan, have lost some manuals and couldn’t find them anywhere. So decided to upload whatever I have to hopefully help other fans avoid a similar disappointment.

Mazenville is the only politics-free town in the world, so please keep that in mind when you decide to leave your fingerprint somewhere on its streets and corners.